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Welcome to GROWING OAKSĀ®!

Would you be surprised to know that an acorn that grows into a mighty oak tree has a lot in common with you? The potential to be a mighty oak tree exists in every acorn but to become the mightiest oak tree a particular acorn was designed to be it must...

  • be situated in a suitable environment
  • receive the proper nutrients
  • establish a sound root system
  • make essential changes throughout its development
  • co-mingle its roots with other mighty oak trees
  • produce more acorns
Do you see the similarity? Do you see the difference?

The difference is that the acorn has no control. You can choose to find an environment that provides you the nutrients you need. You can choose to establish a solid system of support for the changes that you have the opportunity to make and join up with others making changes too. You can choose to share your experience and success and inspire others. You can choose to become the mightiest oak you can imagine and were destined to be.

Growing Oaks is a place where you will find encouragement, guidance and tools you can use to grow, thrive and share as you pursue a meaningful, productive, financially secure future for you and your loved ones.

Growing Oaks is the place we hope you will choose and grant us the grand privilege of serving as your guide and cheerleader.